Monday, January 2, 2012

A Fairy Painting A Day: Coming soon!

Welcome to a new site (almost ready to begin ) offering a daily painting for your viewing pleasure! My blog features fairies -- one a day for as long as I can manage to dream them up. What could be more fun and fantastic (and I mean that literally, of course.) And you can buy the original art of the fairy painting through my shop at Etsy. (Currently under construction -- I'll post when the shop is open.)

So now it's time for fun.

Fairies (and other unusual beasties) are a thing of mine. I plan to spend at least a year creating and posting a fairy a day. Some may be sweet, some may be cute, but some will also be strange. And creepy. I promise.

Also, please visit my What I Drew in Church blog and my website to see my other work.

Thanks for visiting -- hope you enjoy the daily fairies!

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